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Step back in time and explore the unique stories of Georgetown, Colorado's historical narrative. Georgetown, a once gold mining camp turned avant guard mining town, was populated by a uniquely diverse mix of people who traveled far and wide to put down roots here. The true history of this area, however, is more complicated than that as The Clear Creek Valley was originally part of the the indigenous Ute lands. Utes were eventually pressured and forced off their ancestral lands by the United States Government during the 19th century Westward Expansion. According to tribal history, the Utes were here since the beginning of time. They are the oldest residents of Colorado.


Our tour guides are exceptional storytellers who love to entertain and educate. We offer a unique experience by giving voice to the important but often hidden stories of the many immigrants and people of color who became woven into the daily fabric of Georgetown such as freed slave turned Wild West entrepreneur Clara Brown and Charles Townsend who served the Union in Company B 5th US Colored Artillery during the Civil War then moved to Georgetown where he (along with Clara Brown) invested in an African American mining company and worked as a barber for many years.   Designated NHLD status on November 13, 1966, Georgetown boasts over 200 protected historic buildings —artifacts of the  bustling nineteenth century mining days. It hardly seems fair to keep these stories all to ourselves! Which is why Silver Queen Walking Tours was born. We provide specially curated guided historic walking tours through Georgetown, focusing on the lively stories of it’s people and the role they played in weaving the legacy of our historic past.

Georgetown in History
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