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John Denver's Georgetown

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As seen in the documentary Ghosts in Ghost Towns, available on Amazon Prime. Take a guided tour through Georgetown, Colorado and learn about the chilling past of some of its residents, including the tale of Mrs. Jane Fish, accused of murdering her husband, Gaylord, with chloroform whilst he slept. Then there’s the vigilante lynching of Edward Bainbridge who shot a man over oysters and whose ghost, it is believed, continues to haunt the town to this very day. Explore the history and hauntings of this nineteenth century historic landmark district which boasts over 240 19th century buildings through the tales and legends of its hauntings. 

2021 Schedule and tickets available soon!


Take a walk back in time through Georgetown, Colorado and learn about this National Historic Landmark District through the lense of nineteenth century headlines. Learn about Georgetown's link to Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane. Explore the evolution of Georgetown's historical landscape --which you may be surprised to find has not changed too much in over 100 years. Georgetown, home to nineteenth century mining magnates and all form of business entrepeneurs, is one of the few places in the United States that has retained its historic architectural landscape which dates back to the American European expansion into the West.  

2021 Schedule and tickets available soon!

Take a walk through John Denver’s Georgetown. Visit the town where Denver’s 1986 The Christmas Gift was filmed. We will see Strauss Park where the Christmas tree lighting scene took place, the “Letter Day” post office,  and Susan McPhillip’s home. Walk the streets John walked and learn the inside scoop about his time here in Georgetown, including personal stories that were told to us by the people involved with John and The Christmas Gift’s filming here. Participants will meet at Silver Queen Walking Tours, 614 Taos Street, Suite 1. Space is limited.

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