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Step Back in Time
Historic Georgetown
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Special Tours & Events

As seen in the documentary Ghosts in Ghost Towns, available on Amazon Prime. Take a guided tour through Georgetown, Colorado and learn about the chilling past of some of its residents, including the tale of Mrs. Jane Fish, accused of murdering her husband, Gaylord, with chloroform whilst he slept. Then there’s the vigilante lynching of Edward Bainbridge who shot a man over oysters and whose ghost, it is believed, continues to haunt the town to this very day. Explore the history and hauntings of this nineteenth century historic landmark district which boasts over 240 19th century buildings through the tales and legends of its hauntings. 

Take a walk back in time through Georgetown, Colorado and experience this National Historic Landmark District through the stories of the unique and diverse mix of people that were drawn to this once gold mining camp turned prosperous avant guard mining town in the 19th century from the Eastern United States and across the world. Prior to that Georgetown was inhabited by the Ute people. Indeed tribal history says the Utes were here since the beginning of time. The Utes are the oldest residents of Colorado. 


Learn about Clara Brown, a freed slave and the only woman to receive a pioneer's pension, who traveled west from Virginia in 1859 at the age of 59 in hopes of reuniting her family. Learn about Georgetown's link to Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane. Explore the evolution of Georgetown's architectural landscape through the many protected buildings that still stand as a visual narrative today.

Group Tours We are happy to announce that you can now book your small or large private tour online using our "Book Your Tour" link below. 


We currently offer dates and times for small private tours 1-5 people for $140 and larger tours 6-15 people for $240 people (Call 720-649-0035 or complete contact form for larger groups).


Our schedule doesn't work for your visit to Georgetown? We love to accommodate special requests! Give us a call or complete the contact form below. We will be happy to accommodate your group.

Specially Curated History's our bag, Interested in a particular aspect of the Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District's history? Bookend a group history walk through town with visits to Hamill House Museum and Hotel de Paris, learn about the permanent residents of Georgetown's Alvarado cemetery, work with us to curate a tour that fulfills your needs.

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